Event work 

Advance Medical Solutions (UK) Ltd can cover most events, we can even cover your pre event set up and post event Strike downs! We do not supply First Aiders as we prefer to send staff who are able to make sound clinical decisions with regards to patient care, also the HEALTH AND SAFETY EXECUTIVE STATES “The holding of a Health and Safety at Work, or 3 day First Aid at Work Certificate,does not in itself qualify a person as competent to administer first aid to the public at an event" IHCD Technicians and HCPC Registered Paramedics make up the main stay of our event work staff however, we will use FPoSi, FREC3, 4 but only as support to our clinnicians these staff will wear Emergency Care Technician slides or badges! We currently have one Merrcedes Box body ambulance fully kitted to A&E standrads at Paramedic level, 1 Covert Response car fully kitted, we have 2 professional 3 Meter by 4.5 meter Gazebo with 2 camp style beds and table (which was used at Rushmere Country Park whilst we covered a t.v series), we also have a 4 Meter by 5 Meter Aireshelta with Generator and flood lighting, Treatment tables, 3 sturdy camp style beds for non ambulant patients (unlike mobile treatment rooms and ambulances we are able to treat several patients at a time in our Aireshelta) the skills of some of our staff means we can treat more at location rather than sending minor injuries to hospital for treatment!

Emergency Medical Technicians, What you need to know!

Emergency Medical Technicians (EMT) are divided into two types. IHCD/ AAP and non IHCD/AAP. Some companies / NHS trusts call them Ambulance Technicians.

IHCD/AAP (not to be confused with the voluntary groups ‘technician’) are the only form of qualified Technicians used by the NHS 999 Ambulance service.

Their training consists of between 3 – 5 months full time training in basic anatomy and physiology patient assessment and treatment skills. This is then followed by one month observations and then one trainee year (probationary period 750 clinical hands on hours) in which they complete a skills portfolio ending in a final exam. After this the IHCD/AAP Technician is fully trained not withstanding continued personal development, Qualified IHCD/AAP Technicians are able to treat an array of medical emergencies & illnesses, traumatic injuries and have a small list of emergency drugs in line with JRCALC (Joint Royal Colleges Ambulance Liaison Committee).  

The other type of EMTs are non IHCD/AAP and training varies considerably. Some are accredited / affiliated by some very professional groups (Royal Collage of Surgeons). The duration of the course varies from 3 days, 5 days, 1 month they have no qualifying period or mentoring the qualifications last between 3 and 5 years. AMSUK or the NHS  ambulance services do not recognise this qualification as their EMTs.

Non IHCD EMTs have a limited knowledge of injuries and illnesses and can treat a few of them to a basic level.  At AMSUK we only use Qualified IHCD or the new AAP Ambulance Technicians on our appointments, we do allow Student AAP Technicians to work under the direct control of either Qualified IHCD/ AAP Technicians or HCPC Paramedics we also will let Student Paramedics work under direct supervision of HCPC registered Paramedics. When you are booking medical cover for your event make sure you know who is providing the cover and their level of qualification.

Pre Event Assessment Form

Our Aireshelta in use at a cross country event in Ely Cambridgeshire 


We provide a quality service and have had no complaints regarding clinical issues, staff or their professionalism most of our  work is from word of mouth referals and returning clients!

Covert Medics

We can supply covert staff to cover high level functions such as awards ceremonies to black tie dinners. Our staff will arrive in an unmarked response car in full dinner suit and bow tie and blend in to the background. They will arrive before the guests and strategically position emergency equipment within the function room that is easily reached should an emergency arise whilst maintaining a low key!

Our staff have experience in this area and have covered awards dinners, landmark anniversary/ birthday functions and have also covered events attended by members of the Royal Household!

Covert staff covering a Birthday Celebration at Royal Opera House!

Pre/ Post Event cover

If your function or event requires pre event set up such as staging or large scale construction such as huge marques with kitchen units etc and use of heavy construction or pyrotechnical equipment then we can supply staff to cover the set up and post event strike down ensuring all involved are safe and receive rapid treatment should the need arise!

Sky Arts HD TV studio build over the weir at Cherry Hinton for the Cambridge Folk Festival 2012!

Charity Events

Advance Medical Solutions (UK) Ltd takes pride in supporting Charitable events! We offer discounted rates when covering charity events to ensure as much of the funds raised go to the cause in question!

We have covered events for the Alzheimers Trust Peterborough Memory walks at Ferry Meadows and Ellas Journey to raise awareness charity fund raiser 2012


Ella’s Charity fun day 2012

Sporting event

We cover Hovercraft racing around the UK

Fun Fairs and Corperate fun days and week long out door events

We can supply uniformed staff in high profile positions at fun fairs and fun days with treatment facilities! We maintain a visible presents so that we can deal effectively with any emergency that may arise!



Our Aireshelta deployed on week long Formula Student at Silverstone 2013 providing night cover for 3000 University students from around the world! We have covered this event at Silverstone for the past 4 years!

Our Aireshelta treatment area, has 3 camp style beds with privacy screens in between each one one. The other side there is a treatment table with chairs for ambulatory patients the floor is a large Tarp that we put down to try and keep the area clean and easily cleanable for spill etc without contamination the ground we are on! the Aireshelta has its own air-conditioning with vents that can be opened inside, its also water proof and copes well with strong winds! we also have lighting for inside at night and portable gas heaters to keep the chill out on cold duties! We have found this to be a very practical treatment area as unlike using a trailer or ambulance that can only treat one person at a time we can treat up to 5 patients at a time (Staff permitting). With having the three beds it also allows up to keep hold of patients for monitoring rather than having to send to hospital due to lack of space etc. We have just removed all of our blankets because at times we can use quite a lot and then have to carry a very large number so we have now moved over to Mediquilt! these are wipeable quilts with a disposable cover, the cover is changed between every patient! The mediquilt is like a 3 tog Duvet and is great for all year round use in our facility. We have a 7 litre Urn with hot water for the purpose of cleaning and of course making tea! 

Night Club Medics

We can provide IHCD Technicians or HCPC Registered Paramedics for your night club venue to assist with live performances! They are able to deal with most incidents that can arise at such events and if required source the most appropriate method of transport to A&E or MIIU (Minor injury & Illness Unit)

For information on the clients we have worked with feel free to ask us for details!

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